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Home & Office Inventory Service


​FHI's Home & Office Inventory Service records personal items and office business assets separately in a single inventory document report. Personal items could be, but may not be limited

to household furniture, jewelry, antiques, artwork, appliances, kitchen contents, clothing, flooring, window treatments, personal computer equipment, televisions, electronics, musical instruments, guns, clocks, mirrors, linens, lawn mowers, yard equipment, automobiles, boats, airplanes, homeowner tools, sports equipment, collectibles and any other personal items located at your home. The items maybe stored or located at your primary home, vacation or second home, nursing or retirement home, condo, townhouse, apartment, out building, storage shed or recreational vehicle. FHI's Home & Office Inventory Service also records business assets. Business assets are used in the operation of a business. Business assets could be, but may not be limited to, computers, printers, file cabinets, desk, chairs, bookcases, trade tools, pens / pencils, paper or automobiles. A business asset may have been purchased and / or owned by your company but the asset may be used, stored and / or located at your home. **FHI is not a qualified company to answer tax or financial questions determining the difference between a business asset or personal item. FHI is not a company in the business of tax or financial planning. Please discuss all tax and financial planning issues and questions with your tax accountant or financial planner. 

1. Insurance Purposes

2. Wills, Trust, & Other Estate Legal Documents

3. Taxes, Financial Planning, Asset Valuation for Loans

4. Moving or Transferring to a New Job

5. Legal Matters

How can you benefit from our Home & Office Inventory Services
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