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Home Inventory Service

Florida Home Inventory (FHI) has two locations to serve the States of Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. FHI main office is in Summerfield, Florida. Home inventories have become necessary to provide evidence and a record of your personal property items located in your home. The majority of the contents in your home are considered personal property items. Any items located at your home used for personal use are considered personal property items. These items may be furniture in the living, dining and bedrooms. Personal property items could also be jewelry, antiques, artwork, collectibles, kitchen and Laundry room appliances, plates, cups, clothing, rugs, window treatments, computer equipment, televisions, musical instruments, clocks, mirrors, linens, lawn mowers, yard equipment, homeowners tools, and even sports.  The items may be stored or located in a primary residence, vacation or second home, nursing or retirement home, condo, townhouse, apartment or storage shed. The majority of these items are insured in a standard insurance policy as personal property. However depending our your insurance policy, there are personal property items considered unique and may not be covered by your standard insurance policy. Items such as jewelry and antiques may require a special insurance rider for coverage. It is important that you check your insurance policy to find out what is covered and what is not covered before you need to file an insurance claim. 


Our Home Inventory Service can help you maximize insurance claims as well as make the claims process smoother. Insurance companies generally are helpful and cooperative when paying a claim, but they don't come to you with a blank check. it's your responsibility to prove your loss. Having a record of your lost personal property items will help process your claim faster. Even the Insurance Information Institute admits, "the more documentation you have regarding your possessions, the better your insurance company will be able to handle your claim. Your claim will be processed more rapidly than otherwise without documentation and you are more likely to collect in full." Insurance companies want you to prepare an inventory of your personal property items and provide home inventory recordings and documents of what items or assets were lost - including bills and receipts that justify the figures of your claim. You shouldn't wait for a catastrophic disaster event to occur before having your Home Inventory Report, BE PROACTIVE AND PREPARED.


FHI's Home Inventory Service will record your personal property items using our unique secure digital recording equipment and process. Our special recording equipment creates a GPS Exchange File for verification. The report is then certified by our technician for additional verification. After the inventory recording, FHI provides you with a customized report of your personal property items in FHI's  Inventory Recording and Personal Property Information Binder. In addition to your customized report, FHI's one-inch binder provides valuable information on how to protect your personal property items from over 15 different types of natural and non-natural disasters (events), such as Hurricanes, Wildfire, Sinkholes and even Space Weather. This is a home inventory industry, first.


FHI is reliable and professional and is registered with State of Florida's Division of Corporations,

Other Uses for your Home Inventory Report than an Insurance Policy?

There are other uses for a home inventory report.

  • The home inventory report can be attached as an exhibit to a Will, Trust, & Estate Legal Documents. Specific personal property items can be listed and depicted in the report to be given to specific beneficiaries.

  • It can be used in Prenuptial and Divorce Agreements. Especially in second marriages, where each future spouse may wish certain personal property items to not be included in the marriage. 

  • You may use the home inventory report to document your Income Taxes. A depiction of the condition of your personal property items on a specific date by an impartial third party may be beneficial for tax purposes.

  • You may use it for Financial Planning or for an Asset Valuation for Loans. A depiction of the condition of your personal property items on a specific date by an impartial third party may be beneficial to receive a loan where the property may be used as collateral.

  • It may be helpful for Bankruptcy Documents to verify the existence of exemption of statutory personal property.

  • If you a planning on Moving and Transporting your personal property items, a home inventory report could be important to depict the condition of the personal items prior to the move or transport your items for moving insurance. 

  • If you are a landlord or even a tenant, Leasing a Furnished Rental Property, a home inventory report documenting the condition of the personal property items located in the rental home would depict the condition of personal property items prior to leasing.

Interested in this service? Contact us here for a free price quote! 

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