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Price of Services

Interested in one of these service? Contact us here for a free price quote! 

Home Inventory Service Price

Our unique recording device and well developed procedures permits FHI to pass on to you cost savings that are not current in the home inventory industry. The price of FHI's certified Home Inventory report varies depending on the size of your home. All our written estimates are firm and free. Please call us for a free estimate. FHI does not sell your information to any third party. All our price quotes are strictly confidential between you and FHI.

Business Asset & Inventory Product Service Price:

FHI's national company, Asset and Inventory Company, provides businesses with asset and product inventory services. The cost of ​FHI's Business Asset and Inventory Product Service is dependent on the type of the business, the quantity of assets and the number of inventory goods to be inventoried. After you contact FHI, FHI will have Asset and Inventory Company contact you on the telephone or by email. Asset and Inventory Company may request to visit your business to observe your assets and/or inventory product to further develop an accurate price quote. There will be no charge for this visit. You will be under no obligation to accept Asset and Inventory Company's services after this visit. All written business estimates are firm and free for six months.

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